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Wollastonite is a calcium inosilicate mineral (CaSiO3) with a theoretical makeup of approximately 48% calcium oxide and 52% silicon dioxide.  Wollastonite is usually white in color. It may contain small amounts of iron, magnesium, and manganese which can give it a grey, red, or brown tint. 
Wollastonite in Seaforth Minerals BagWollastonite is an industrially important mineral.  It is well known for its good fluorescence.  It also has low moisture and absorption properties.
Wollastonite is used for many different industrial purposes, including the production of:

  • plastics
  • heat-resistant refractory ceramics
  • metallurgy
  • wood composites
  • adhesives
  • filler in paint, paper and other products
  • friction products such as brake pads

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